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VIP Mentorship Program


  • What's the difference between Mentorship (or Coaching) and Psychotherapy?
    Mentorship, also referred to in the self-improvement and motivational industry as Coaching, is a professional service in which two or more individuals work together in the interest of identifying, setting, and achieving certain goals that are considered to bring about a specific result that the client desires. Coaching is largely educational, motivational, and inspirational in nature. It seeks to improve the overall quality-of-life and happiness of the client. Coaching and its results are at the voluntary request of the client and the client assumes full responsibility for participating in a Coaching relationship as well as any consequences or effects it may have upon the client's life. While most people's experiences with Coaching are positive ones because Coaching focuses on the client's strengths and ways to improve their life satisfaction, results are not guaranteed. Each client's experience is different, based on many factors, including how much genuine personal effort and drive the client puts into the process. The Coaching industry has become a respectable, highly-useful, convenient, and increasingly-popular way for people and organizations to make personal and professional changes and improve their lives. Psychotherapy is clinical treatment of a mental disorder by a licensed healthcare practitioner. It involves a diagnosis and treatment plan, and the recipient of such service is referred to as the "patient." The clinical relationship between a healthcare practitioner and a patient is subject to privacy and confidentiality laws as well as oversight by HIPAA, state licensing boards, and professional association ethical guidelines. In summary, Mentorship (Coaching) differs vastly from Psychotherapy, and each has its own different methods, goals and objectives. While Psychotherapy involves the understanding that a patient may be ill and requires treatment in order to get better, Coaching operates on the belief that the Client is healthy overall and seeking self-improvement for a higher quality-of-life via the Mentorship (Coaching) relationship.
  • Is Coaching covered by health insurance?
    No. Mentorship (or Coaching) is a psychoeducational, self-improvement-focused service and not healthcare or clinical in nature. As such, it is not covered by health insurance plans.
  • Will Dr. Gregg be my therapist?
    As a participant (Client) in any of Dr. Gregg's Mentorship (or Coaching) programs, you will not be receiving the clinical services of a healthcare practitioner and as such will not be a patient. Therefore, Dr. Gregg will not be your therapist (or psychotherapist or psychologist or clinician) as long as you are a Client receiving Coaching services. While Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi is licensed as a Psychologist in some states and provides psychotherapy to his patients in clinical practice, as your Coach he will not be providing you with such clinical attention, will not be your therapist, and you will not be his patient.
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